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Winter Skincare 101

The Winter season can be harsh on the skin if not looked after properly. From diminishing our natural moisture, the cold season can leave your skin feeling dry, flaky and suck out every ounce of goodness. Sounds like fun right? We didn’t think so! Here are ways to keep your skin feeling moist and lackluster free. Who said a Winter glow is not possible?

Tip One: To keep your skin feeling super supple we recommend our new natural body oil. This is perfect for the Fall and Winter season; this is a light weight moisture and will keep your skin feeling soft. Not only does this have wonderful moisturizing properties, it also has a warm vanilla fragrance which that is simply intoxicating. Body oils have become popular over the years as the temperature drops it can prevent the moisture from being stripped from the skin.

Tip Two: When we think of skincare, we tend to focus on products that will highlight the glow on our faces. As such we suggest trying our light-weight yet deeply moisturizing Cocoa Butter Face Cream. Using any of our shea body butters, which only contains non-toxic ingredients, is a great way to retain the skin’s natural moisture for the rest of your body.

Tip Three: Eating the right foods and maintaining a healthy diet such as fish oil, omega 6 foods can help to lock in the moisture from the harsh and abrasive weather. What you eat can reflect on your skin!

Tip Four: One of the causes of dry skin can be due to the type of soap we use; natural moisturising soap is often recommended for dry skin especially as the Winter days are drawing closer. Our African Black soap face wash contains rose water, organic jojoba oil and obviously the authentic African Black soap is gentle yet effective cleanser for even the most sensitive skin. Our African Black Soap body wash is also a great cleanser, and it does so without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. From maintaining the skin’s natural moisture to cleansing the skin African Black soap is a must have for all year round!

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