Relax your mind and body with our calming yet sensual Lavender Rose Whipped Body Butter. This combination of natural scents will help you escape from the stressors of life while nourishing your skin.  


Benefits of Shea Butter:

-Treats acne and blemishes

-Reduces skin inflammation 

-Reduces strech marks

-Contains anti-aging properties



Lavender Rose Whipped Shea Butter

PriceFrom $7.50
  • 1. Organic Shea Butter

    2. Sunflower Oil

    3. Avocado Oil

    4. Grapeseed Oil

    5. Fragrance Oils

    6. Lavender Essential Oil


    **We are not responsible for any skin reactions you may have. It is always advisable to test a new product on a portion of your skin first, in case of a sensitivity.